Basics Banks // Clothes Bank

All of our clothes are donated by churches, schools, the public and businesses. We sort, store, and make them available to clients at one venue, Ascension Church in Bitterne Park on Wednesdays between 10:00am – 3:00pm. We restrict the clothes bank to one venue in order to maximise choice for the clients and therefore increase their chances of finding both what they need and what they like for themselves and their families.

Good quality clothes can be donated at Ascension Church (small donations only here please!) when the clothes bank is open, or at our offices in Millbrook (please contact us to arrange a drop off time). Unfortunately we cannot accept donations of clothes at our Food Bank venues. Please don’t drop clothes at Ascension Church outside of our clothes bank opening times, as they will not be able to accept them. Clothes which are unsuitable to be passed on, and clothes surplus to requirements are sent to a textile recycler for onward distribution. Money raised from recycling clothes is used to help with running costs.

We have many Referral Agents who issue vouchers for Basics Bank to people in need when they think it is appropriate. Social workers, health visitors, doctors, community workers, shelters, drop-ins, charities, churches and many others, use our vouchers to give help to those they work with. We are not a direct access project, so a client needs a valid voucher from a referral agent before we can help them.

When someone attends the Basics Bank clothes venue on a Wednesday, they will be welcomed outside the Thorold Road entrance of the church. Voucher details will be checked before entering the building and we will be allowing two people from separate households in at a time. There is a hand sanitising station at the entrance which we ask everyone to use before choosing clothes. Currently we are limiting visits to half an hour, and we ask everyone to observe social distancing whilst at the Clothes Bank. Unfortunately it won’t be possible to try clothes on for the foreseeable future. Our helpful volunteers are still on hand to assist in finding and choosing clothes and outfits. Ascension Church is a Contact Tracing Centre and everyone who comes into the building is asked to provide contact details in case a positive case of COVID-19 is identified at the venue.

While we are a Christian Mission and want everyone to know about the love and opportunity that Jesus has for them, we are committed to providing this practical help and assistance of food and clothes with no strings attached. We serve anyone of any background, belief or outlook with no obligation, and we are happy to do so.