Schools // Transition Support

We have continued supporting schools across the region through the lockdown period by producing free online resources in place of our usual “Question of Faith” RE day and Assembly / Collective Worship visits, and are extending that provision into the important area of Year 6 Transition Support.

However, whilst we would still love to visit Year 6 pupils and deliver Transition Support sessions in person, we are well aware that with the current social distancing guidelines in place this is not very practical, so instead we have made the following alternatives below available!

If you are looking for the “Circle Selfies” activity worksheet, to take part in the region-wide, collaborative art activity, please click the button below:

"It's Your Move" Booklets

Each year, we like to gift every Year 6 pupil who would like one a free copy of the “It’s Your Move – Secondary School Survival Guide” booklet, which are produced by Scripture Union and have been handed out to over 1.6 million children across the country since 2000.

Although this year it is not possible for us to individually hand-write named copies, we are still able to safely deliver enough of these for each Year 6 pupil in your school’s cohort, to be passed on to them at your convenience.

Online Resource Pack

To go alongside the “It’s Your Move” booklets, we have created an Online Resource Pack filled with various different activities around the themes associated with the Transition to Year 7, which Year 6 pupils can work through together as a Bubble with their Teacher, or on their own from home.

This pack can be accessed via the Google Classroom learning environment, which we can send specific registration details for to you in a personalised PDF Letter that can be passed on to Staff and Parents.

Live Webinars

We are also providing the opportunity for Year 6 pupils to engage with a more ‘face-to-face’ style experience via live, interactive sessions for one or more Bubbles at a time, in your school’s setting.

These sessions will be led by one of our trained Schools Team Leaders via Google Meet video call, and include some of our tried-and-tested Transition Support activities, that are designed to help with the more emotional & spiritual aspects of preparation for the move to Secondary School.

Online Assemblies