Basics Banks: How To Get Help

If you are in need of emergency food and/or clothing help, you will need to be referred to the Basics Bank by one of our trusted partners. We call them our Referral Agents.  This is so that someone other than ourselves can chat through your circumstances and assess your needs, as they may be able to suggest other organisations which can help in other ways too.

We now have approximately 1,500 referral agents across Southampton. Some examples of the kinds of organisations that refer people to us for help are: churches, Southampton based charities (such as No Limits, Two Saints, SARC, Amber Chaplains), housing associations, mental health services, Citizens Advice, debt charities, health visitors, hostels, housing services, nursing teams, children’s services, many different NHS departments including some GP surgeries, social services, addiction services, and some schools.  A list of commonly used referral agents can be found here.

Please be aware that 4 days of tinned and packet food for everyone in your family is often a lot to carry. If you can bring your own bags with you that will really help a lot. You will need to have arranged your own transport home, as our staff and volunteers are not allowed to give lifts or supply you with money for buses or taxis. We do not run a delivery service, just collection at venues.

We sort, store, and make clothes available to clients at one venue, where clients are able to shop for themselves. We restrict the clothes bank to one venue in order to maximise choice for the clients and therefore increase their chances of finding both what they need and what they like for themselves and their families.