Referral Agents

To become a Referral Agent for SCM Basics Bank, please submit a registration request to use our online referral system by clicking the blue button below. Once registered, you will be able you to choose how you issue vouchers to Clients, using either online vouchers (free), or paper vouchers (purchased from us).

If you are an existing Referral Agent and you wish to access the online referral system, please click the green button below to sign in.
The Online Referral System has been tested on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11. It will not work on versions of Internet Explorer 8 or lower.

The referral system is free to use, and you will receive your vouchers for free (at SCM’s discretion), which are allocated through the system. When using an online voucher, any clients who you refer do not need a physical paper voucher in their hands to attend a Basics Bank, although you can choose to print them a physical copy of their online voucher if it is helpful.

Paper Vouchers
If you wish to use pre-printed paper vouchers, they can be purchased by Referral Agents for 50 pence each, in bundles of 25 vouchers at a time. They are still issued to clients free of charge, but there is a small cost to the Referral Agent to cover our administrative costs in printing and posting the vouchers out. When using a paper voucher, Referral Agents MUST call the Basics Bank BEFORE issuing the voucher to check client eligibility.

It is the Referral Agent’s responsibility to assess their client’s situation, and to ascertain if they are in genuine need of emergency food and / or clothing provision or not.